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A carpenter by trade in the early 70’s , Mike Antle learned his trade from a previous generation of craftsman and artisans that set a standard of only the highest quality,integrity,and professionalism.  After learning every aspect of the construction trades in 1977 with no more than a “pickup truck and a saw” Mike established Antle Construction Co. and began a journey of building custom homes and remodeling projects throughout Central Illinois. 38 years later, along with his son Jason and the entire team, Mike still prides himself in insuring that every job is completed with only the highest form of Quality, Integrity, and Professionalism.

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Company Builds 'Made in America' House

07/03/2012 05:46 PM

Source: WMBD 31

MORTON- A construction company is building a house in Morton that is 100 percent made in America.

Everything from the the wires, the wood, even the nails, every part of the house in manufactured or assembled in the U.S.A.

Mike Antle owns Antle Construction, the company that's building the house. He said he took on a task that others thought would be impossible.

"You know, you hear that all the time, that we don't make anything here. Well actually we do. You just gotta kind of find it. And we did," Antle said.

Antle said he came across some hurdles. He said they were simple and unexpected things like nails, screws and appliances.

"Microwave ovens were probably the biggest challenge and we did find one made in Ohio," he said.

After a lot of searching, Antle found out he didn't have to go very far for a lot of the other pieces.

"That was the other thing we found, a lot of the products we're using are made right here in the Midwest. Illinois, Indiana, Ohio," Antle said.

At 2,300 square feet, the finished home will cost $300,000. Antle said it's worth it to keep jobs at home. And that it's rewarding to be able to get the 'Made in America' stamp.

"It's been fun. It was a challenge at first, but like I say, all the suppliers and all the contractors involved really jumped in and we've had a good time," Antle said.

Antle said he hopes to build 14 to 18 more homes in the same way, and that they will only cost about two percent more than the average home it's size.

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